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RORIS ... waste removal
Co-Wanda Project

Inland navigation is a promising, environmental-friendly transport mode. Since transports mostly are carried out beyond national borders, existing international conventions ensure smooth operation of vessels along the rivers and unify national laws.

Besides fairway related issues, technical requirements for vessels and guidelines for the transport of dangerous goods, also the management of the ship wastes shall follow harmonised and state-of-the-art procedures. Yet, an International Danube Ship Waste Convention along the Danube is missing.

Based on the findings of the foregoing WANDA project (www.wandaproject.eu), the main focus of CO-WANDA is to start initiative work for a binding treaty, which shall provide clear guidelines for ship waste management.

The support of national and international authorities, stakeholders and opinion leaders is a driving force for the successful implementation of the international cooperation activities. In fact, the harmonisation and adaptation of currently running ship waste management systems will decrease the risk of illegal discharges of ship wastes and thereby support the protection of valuable river ecosystems and the means of livelihoods for future generations in the Danube region.